A-CDM in Airport and Ground Operations (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English

A-CDM in Airport and Ground Operations (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English


Airport and ground operations processes involve several well-defined activities that need to be completed on a timely basis for specific objectives to be achieved. In cases where such activities cannot be completed on time, certain decisions are required. Such decisions may result in a change in priorities or the activation of an alternative course of action. Most decisions can impact several of the partners concerned with the process and therefore the decisions should be made collaboratively. In practice, this collaboration is often missing, with the result that the decisions made adversely affect one or more partners and hence the overall operation.

In this course you will learn how to apply the techniques of collaborative decision making (CDM) in the context of airports (A-CDM) and ground operations, and how to unleash the power of shared information so that the impact of decisions on the work of the partners’ operations becomes visible. Learn how to build trust among partners to ensure the willingness to both share information and use the shared information, resulting in better-informed decisions and increase the efficiency of airports and the on-time-performance of ground operations. Presented in the context of Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) and the process-based business service-oriented reinterpretation of the original A-CDM concept, this course brings to you the next development level of A-CDM that is even more powerful, adaptable and quality-oriented than its predecessor.

This course is available at IATA Training Centers and Regional Training Partner locations, and on-demand as in-house training.

Course Code: TAPG-61

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A-CDM in Airport and Ground Operations (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English Course

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