Aviation Competition Law - E-Learning - English

Aviation Competition Law - E-Learning - English


It’s becoming more and more important for aviation professionals to be aware of the competition law regulation when doing business. This eLearning course provides an overview of the core principles of antitrust/competition rules applicable to the airline industry in most countries, and outlines the steps to identify and avoid the risks of infringing competition laws.

Compliance with antitrust/competition laws has become particularly important given the growing trend towards international convergence of competition laws and enforcement at a global level.

You will learn competition principles and develop skills that will help you act in compliance with competition law rules by practicing in different scenarios and exercises. Professionals of all levels who want to enhance or refresh their knowledge of competition law will benefit from this course. This eLearning course will not assume knowledge or experience of competition law rules from the participants.

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Aviation Competition Law, eLearning - E-Learning - English Course

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