X-Ray Screening Refresher – Cargo Screening - E-Learning - English

X-Ray Screening Refresher – Cargo Screening - E-Learning - English


For security personnel operating cargo screening applications

Maintain and improve the screening skills of your employees using IATA’s online x-ray simulator platform powered by Simfox. Baggage and cargo screeners should receive regular and frequent refresher training to ensure optimal threat recognition in x-ray images. This online simulation course comprises 6 modules to be completed within 6 months. Modules can be completed at your employees’ own pace or one module per month to meet the requirements of EU Regulation No 2015/1998. A test is taken on completion of all 6 modules, certifying the competence of your employee in x-ray screening.

This training meets the requirements of the European Union (EU) Commission Regulation No 2015/1998, requiring persons operating x-ray or EDS equipment to be subject to recurrent training consisting of monthly image recognition training and testing.

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X-Ray Screening Refresher – Cargo Screening, eLearning - E-Learning - English Course

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